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Jacob Nii Anum Odametey, alias Soon Come, is the son of a famous royal traditional-music-family from the Goldcoast Ghana-Addy Odametey family, foundation of CULTURE.

He is a very successful lecturer in african percussion. Since his 13th birthday he is one of the best masterdrummers in Ghana, therefore he is known as a good musician around the world.  Later he was touring Westafrica together with Jimmy  CliffVitamin X and George Daku. This time he was also teaching drums at his oncle´s, Mustapha Tettey Addy, Music-Academy in Kokrobite.



 Soon Come  spent more than 20 years in Germany. He can speak German without accent. There he was not only a teacher, he was also touring Europe  with aja addyBibiba, Ogidigidi, Root B'Tama etc. and he share on stage with the Wailers,Black Uhuru und den Gladiators. 2006 he was also the special tutor in Atlanta/USA. 

All his life he performs with different arists around the world and gives workshops, music therapies and soulfood to everybody everywhere, e.g. 

 Adesa, Bibiba, Ogidigidi, Masterdrummer Mustapha Tettey Addy, Lion of Judah, Adja Addy ect. 

His vision all his life is to serve the world with his music. 

For that, on the one hand he travels around the world to motivate, to heal, to teach, to entertain people all over the nations.

- He is teaching handycaped children to train their brains. 

- He is going into homeless houses to give the people courage and life with his       music.

- He is there for homeless children up to managing directors, doctors   and           teachers.

On the other hand he build up a spiritual Entertainment Centre, Soon Come Entertainment Centre in Ghana, Kokrobitey

Soon Come believes music is soul-food with no size. 







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